Syrup coffee.(High-end living standard choice!!!)

Syrup coffee.(High-end living standard choice!!!)

Americans are really very passionate about coffee. Not only in restaurants, in the family, but also in the offices of many people are filled with the aroma of coffee, but American coffee is often despised. Some people think that American coffee has the “essence” of American fast food culture, which is simple and rough.

But a syrup coffee denies that contempt.

The elegance of Italian coffee and the gorgeousness of French coffee are fascinating. In comparison, American coffee is often despised. But Americans responded with action to those who denied their coffee culture—they added syrup to their coffee. This makes people have a subversive understanding of the coffee that Americans often drink. Hazelnuts, almonds, vanilla… All kinds of syrups are incorporated into the coffee, taming the taste of coffee rebellious, concealing the innate astringency of coffee, don’t worry lost the bitterness of coffee and it still the presence.

This fascinating finishing touch has made coffee hackers start to like it too.

How to make coffee syrup?

raw material:

Coffee——28 ml

Syrup——0.5 oz

Milk——80 ml

Red Cherry ——One

Ice cubes——Moderate amount

Making syrup coffee is actually very simple and can be done in three steps.

The first step is to add the syrup, milk, and ice to the cup and mix evenly. Pour into the prepared cup.

The second step, we inject the extracted espresso into the cup and let it cool down quickly.

Finally, the coffee is slowly poured into the surface of the milk to form a natural layering, plus red cherry decoration.

Some people like to call this coffee latte. The syrup reconciles the astringency of the coffee. The milk changes the acidity of the coffee. They join hands to make the coffee a “Well-behaved girl”.

So when drinking syrup coffee, it is a dream journey with some desserts.

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