Deli Foods Spring Day Long-distance Running Event

Deli Foods Spring Day Long-distance Running Event

Spring long-distance running event.

In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of the company’s employees, enhance cohesion and combat effectiveness, and further create a strong atmosphere for all employees to exercise, on Sunday morning, the company organized all employees to carry out running activities around the park.

During the competition, everyone encouraged each other, went forward bravely, and ran the whole course with tenacious perseverance. For this event, we have personnel who accompany the runners along the way, and we have arranged personnel to set up supply stations at the intermediate points, which provides a guarantee for the smooth progress of the game.

After the competition, the boss awarded prizes to the top three of the competition. In addition, all participating employees have rewards for encouragement.

The running activity not only exercised the body but also tempered the will, allowing us to devote ourselves to work with more enthusiasm.

Deli Foods Spring Day Long-distance Running Event

Is protein powder useful for running?

Running is a systemic exercise, basically, all muscles except visceral smooth muscle are involved. Protein in time after running can replenish raw materials for torn muscle fibers, repair strong muscles, better protect internal organs, stabilize joints, and prevent damage. Protein powder can strengthen muscles and improve sports performance.

Exercise consumes a lot of energy, which also intensifies the catabolism of protein, and even leads to a negative balance of protein. Therefore, it should increase protein intake, especially high-quality protein intake, to ensure the body’s metabolism, thereby promoting muscle synthesis.

DELI FOODS vegan protein is rich in various essential amino acids. The biological value is relatively higher and also with good nutritional value.

Vegan protein powder is divided into Food grade rice protein, Pea Protein, Soy Protein, Hemp Protein, and Animal feed rice protein.

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