À la rencontre des gourmands du Yémen : la solution de sirop doré de Deli Foods

À la rencontre des gourmands du Yémen : Deli Foods' Solution de sirop doré
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As is widely known, consumers across the Middle East have an insatiable love for sweets. Every year, vast quantities of various sweeteners are consumed in the region, with natural honey being the most prevalent, closely followed by various syrup-based products. Yemen, a part of the Middle East, shares this passion for sweetness, with the majority of its population being of Arab descent. Yemen is also home to a precious natural treasure – Sidr Honey, renowned worldwide for its unique qualities. However, due to the country’s relatively underdeveloped economy, most of its honey is exported to other nations, leaving local consumers unable to freely indulge in expensive natural honey. This creates a significant demand for an affordable sweetener that not only caters to their tastes but is also natural and healthy.

Deli Foods, a well-known sweetener production company in China, boasts over two decades of experience in manufacturing and exporting sweeteners. The company’s primary product range includes rice syrup, fructose syrup, flavoring syrups, and natural honey. Recognizing the specific needs of their partners in Yemen, Deli Foods embarked on a mission to develop a product that could serve as a natural honey substitute. The result of their efforts was “Golden Syrup,” a member of the sirop de fructose family. Through expert formulation, Deli Foods managed to give Golden Syrup its signature golden hue, while ensuring its taste, sweetness, and viscosity closely resemble that of natural honey. Remarkably, all these attributes come at a significantly lower price point than genuine honey.

Through collaboration between Deli Foods and Yemeni food procurement agents, the company began exporting substantial quantities of Golden Syrup to Yemen annually. This move aimed to provide local consumers with an economical alternative to natural honey, satisfying their culinary desires. Simultaneously, it opened up substantial business opportunities for Deli Foods’ local partners. As recent as yesterday, we shipped a 40-foot HQ container filled with Golden Syrup to Hodeidah Port in Yemen.

Deli Foods boasts a dedicated team of researchers and a proficient sales force. They offer free OEM & ODM services and adhere to a mature one-stop service process, complemented by stringent after-sales support. This comprehensive approach ensures the best possible cooperation opportunities for food retailers worldwide.

Deli Foods’ innovative approach to addressing Yemen’s craving for sweets with its Golden Syrup solution has not only enriched the palates of Yemeni consumers but also provided valuable economic prospects for local partners. This remarkable achievement reflects Deli Foods’ commitment to delivering quality, affordability, and innovation to the global food industry. As the demand for sweeteners continues to rise in the Middle East, Deli Foods remains well-positioned to meet the region’s ever-growing sweet tooth with its Golden Syrup.


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