5 Kinds of most popular syrup made in china

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Why buy syrup made in China?


Syrup, used as a sugar substitute in soft drinks and other liquid products, is gaining in popularity in China where it sells for a third of the price of natural sugar made from cane or sugarbeets and makes up about 20 percent of demand for sweetener. If you are looking for a syrup manufacturer, then this article must not be missed. Deli foods are committed to researching and developing high-quality health foods to provide customers with quality syrup. DELI FOODS is also one of the best syrup suppliers in China.


How to choose a syrup manufacturer in China?


Syrup is a viscous, highly concentrated sugar solution made by boiling or other techniques. The raw material for making syrup can be sugar water, sugarcane juice, fruit juice, or other plant juices. Since syrup contains a very high sugar content, it can be stored for a long time without refrigeration in a sealed state. Syrup can be used to make drinks or make sweets. Syrup is divided into organic and non-organic syrup. I will introduce the 5 kinds of most popular syrup in China.

1.Organic Brown Rice Syrup

Sirop de riz brun biologique

Brown rice syrup is a versatile natural sweetener made from organic Non-GMO brown rice.  It is rich in compounds categorized as sugars and is derived by steeping cooked rice starch with saccharifying enzymes to break down the starches, followed by straining off the liquid and reducing it by evaporative heating until the desired consistency is reached.

Le sirop de riz brun convient aux aliments naturels, aux boissons et au sirop (aromatisé/non parfumé).


  2.High Fructose Corn Syrup


Le sirop de maïs à haute teneur en fructose est un édulcorant à base de maïs ou de riz. C'est un liquide visqueux transparent incolore ou jaune clair au goût sucré. Il est largement utilisé dans de nombreuses industries en raison de sa douceur proche du saccharose à la même concentration.

Convient aux aliments surgelés, aux produits laitiers, aux aliments en conserve, aux produits à base de soja, aux produits de boulangerie, aux condiments, etc.


  3.Organic Fructose Syrup

Sirop de Fructose Bio​

Fructose syrup is a unique flavored sweetener that is made from high-quality rice, corn, or tapioca starch by enzymatic hydrolysis, isomerase reaction, and refining. The color is a colorless or light yellow liquid, transparent and free of impurities, and has the pure sweetness of fructose.

Largement utilisé dans les aliments, les produits laitiers, les boissons, les produits de santé, les condiments maison, les produits chimiques quotidiens, etc.


4.Organic Glucose Syrup

sirop de glucose bio

Glucose syrup is a kind of syrup produced by the action of enzyme or acid in rice. Glucose syrup is colorless or yellowish, clear and transparent, with no impurities, no odor.

Glucose syrup applied to natural food, beverages, bakery, pharmacy, honey substitutes for consumers and etc. Glucose syrup is used in foods to sweeten, soften the texture and increase volume.


  5.Organic Maltose Syrup

sirop de maltose bio

Maltose syrup is a clarified or brown liquid. It is a natural sweetener made from malt rice and rice. Maltose syrup can be divided into ordinary maltose syrup, high maltose syrup, and maltodextrin.

Widely used in cold drink products, dairy products, baked goods, convenience foods, meat products, and so on.


Where can you buy syrup produced in China?

5 Kinds of most popular syrup made in china 1

DELI FOODS, Full name Wuhu Deli Foods Co., Ltd., is a professional catering manufacturer and exporter with more than 20 years in China. Deli foods is committed to researching and developing high-quality healthy foods to provide customers with quality Syrup Products.

WUHU DELI FOODS syrup is divided into organic and non-organic syrup. We offer clarified rice syrup, brown rice syrup, tapioca syrup, fructose syrup, maltose syrup, glucose syrup, and flavored syrup.


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