What is rice protein powder?

Rice protein powder refers to the powdered material that has been extracted from rice, processed by powder, purification, and drying.It’s an important product of deep processing of rice, according to its protein content and solubility can be divided into feed grade rice protein powder, food grade rice protein powder and rice protein peptide.

Rice protein has excellent nutritional qualities and is recognized as a high-quality vegetable protein in cereal proteins.Rice protein powder has broad prospects for developing infant foods and high-end foods because of its high nutritional value and low allergy.

Let’s take a look at what the effectiveness of rice protein powder is.

1.Full nutritional content to meet higher health needs

2.Low GI (low-glycemic index) food suitable for use by people who are afraid of sugar

3.Enhances immunity of the body and improves natural healing power

4.Promotes blood circulation, removes rubbish and toxins from the body

China is a big producer of rice and has abundant rice resources.Rice protein has been favored by the food industry because it can make up for the defects of animal protein and prevent excessive intake of animal fat and cholesterol. The rice protein powder industry has a vast market space.

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