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Trehalose is a safe and reliable natural carbohydrate that is widely found in many edible animals, plants and microorganisms in nature, such as mushrooms, seaweeds, beans, shrimp, bread, beer and yeast fermented foods High content of trehalose.

Trehalose has a magical protective effect on the organism. Trehalose can form a unique protective film on the cell surface under the harsh environmental conditions of high temperature, high osmotic pressure and dry water loss, effectively protecting the invariability of protein molecules, Thus maintaining the life process and biological characteristics of life, so trehalose is also known as “sugar of life”

Trehalose is a disaccharide with important functional properties. The new enzymatic trehalose greatly reduces the cost. On the role of unsaturated fatty acid stability mechanism, in addition, trehalose on the development of osteoporosis inhibition. Trehalose is also expected to be used in a variety of applications in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals in the future.

Trehalose has high thermostability and a wide pH-stability range. Therefore, it is one of the most stable saccharides. When 4 % trehalose solutions with 3.5 to 10 pH were heated at 100 °C for 24 h, no degradation of trehalose was observed in any case. Because of nonreducing sugar, this saccharide does not show Maillard reaction with amino compounds such as amino acids or proteins. Its particular physical features make it an extremely attractive substance for industrial applications. Furthermore, this saccharide shows good sweetness like sucrose, and in the food industry, this saccharide is used as a sweetener.

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