The Ultimate Business Guide to Rice Starch

The Ultimate Business Guide to Rice Starch

Rice starch is produced from rice through low temperature physical separation technology and has a creamy texture that can be used as a substitute for natural fats.

Rice starch has many excellent properties of rice itself. Among the mainstream plant food industry starches, rice starch has a small particle size, with a particle size of about 3um to 8um, and most of its shapes are irregular and multi-rhombic, with prominent edges and corners. Rice starch has excellent properties such as small granules, white color, easy digestion and low allergenicity, and has a fine structure and a cream-like flavor after being paste, so it has an important role in special food industries such as cosmetics, medicine and baby food. Value. At the same time, as a renewable resource, rice starch has played a good role in replacing traditional non-renewable resources.

The use of rice starch in the food and pharmaceutical industries

Rice starch is mainly used in the food industry and pharmaceutical industry as a thickener, filler, excipient and functional factor. Even if its dosage is high, it will not affect the flavor of food or medicine; Biotechnology can directly produce various types of starch sugar; rice starch can be directly used in candy, biscuits, bread, jam, jelly, cold drinks, beverages, ice cream, sausages, ham sausages, cakes, solid drinks, milk cakes, instant noodles, etc. In all kinds of food, the composition of the food is changed to the direction of functionalization.

The use of rice starch in the cosmetic industry

Rice starch powder is the most suitable ingredient of all starches as cosmetic preparations for sensitive skin, especially baby skin. It works great on skin irritated by cold, sun or rashes and can be used with rice starch, body wash, and ointments to help reduce inflammation and regenerate burnt skin. This starch has anti-inflammatory, absorbing and softening properties. In masks, this starch cleans pores, softens spots on aging skin, leaves skin supple and gives it a fresh and vibrant look. Rice starch is widely used in the production of pressed powder to create cosmetic tablets with a smooth and pearly consistency. Baby powder and talcum powder for the care of any sensitive skin. It is also used in hair care for oily hair. It is a natural binder that works in serum bases, creams, body lotions, face and hair masks, and powders.

Where to buy rice starch in bulk and cheap

In fact, in the commercial production process, due to cost control, the production of rice starch does not directly use intact rice as a raw material, but uses broken rice produced in the process of rice processing as a substitute, which does not change the characteristics and quality of raw materials. And greatly reduce the cost.

China is the largest producer and consumer of rice in the world, and a large amount of broken rice is produced during processing. With the development of science and technology, the preparation of rice starch and rice protein hydrolyzate from broken rice has been industrialized, which has improved the utilization rate of broken rice resources and promoted the application research of rice starch. Due to the defects of structure and physicochemical properties, the availability of natural rice starch is reduced. By modifying the starch, it can acquire specific functions and properties, thereby expanding the application scope of starch.

Therefore, it is a very good choice to purchase large quantities of low-priced rice starch in China. China has the world’s largest population and consumer market, and also has strong and developed industrial capabilities. Thanks to relatively low labor costs, it can maximize the We can supply low-cost and high-quality rice starch to a limited extent. If you want to purchase rice starch from China or want to know the relevant market first, you can contact DELIFOODS.

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