The function of honey


Honey is a bee collecting nectar from the plant’s flowers, under the action of various transformations in the body, after repeated brewing and maturing, sealing the honey in the honeycomb with beeswax.

Honey has many good uses.

1, the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases: honey has a bactericidal effect, and has the function of regulating the stomach, stomach and duodenal ulcer treatment of significant suburbs, while honey on colitis, habitual constipation, elderly and pregnant women and children with dysentery Have a good effect;

2, the treatment of respiratory diseases: clinical experience shows that: TB patients with honey, hemoglobin increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate slowed, cough gradually reduced, increased appetite;

3, the treatment of liver disease: honey treatment of liver disease is mainly due to its chemical and biological composition of the decision;

4, treatment of heart disease: mainly because honey can nourish and improve myocardial metabolism, honey can dilate coronary artery, so it can cure angina;

5, the treatment of nervous system diseases: neurasthenia each night before going to bed with honey 10-20 grams, you can regulate the nervous system, easy to fall asleep;

6, the role of beauty: Honey is a skin cell breeding agent, topical can increase the activity of epidermal cells, improve the nutritional status of the skin, so that the skin to maintain the natural ruddy, white and tender, eliminate and reduce wrinkles, effective skin aging prevent special effects;

In addition, honey on hand, foot and chapped dermatitis, stomatitis, frostbite, scald, etc. have a certain effect.

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