Rice Starch Is Not Just For Cooking

Rice Starch Is Not Just For Cooking

Rice starch is a versatile natural ingredient. In cooking it is mainly used as a thickening agent, while in beauty and child care it is recommended as a highly delicate product for the most sensitive skins.

Rice starch is a very fine white powder. It dissolves easily in water without caking. When in contact with the skin, rice starch has soothing, refreshing, calming and antipruritic properties. It is a polysaccharide extracted from rice flour and is used in cooking and natural cosmetics.

Rice starch in cooking

Rice starch is primarily used as a thickener and to prepare gluten-free recipes. If you can’t find rice starch, you can use rice flour as a cooking ingredient, which is available in almost all supermarkets these days.
In cooking, rice starch is used in candies to make them lighter and to facilitate fermentation. Try adding a spoonful of rice starch to a classic cake batter.
Try using rice starch instead of eggs in vegan baked desserts (1 tablespoon per egg). Rice starch can also be used as a substitute for flour to make cream and puddings. This way, if you use rice starch instead of wheat flour, you will have gluten-free recipes.
The advantage of rice starch is that it has a neutral taste and is suitable for both sweet and savory dishes. So, depending on your needs, you can use 1 or 2 tablespoons without problem to thicken soups, soft soups, vegetable purees, gravies, sauces and sauces.

Baby rice starch

In natural product stores, you can find rice starch sold as a specialty child care product. You’ll recognize it by the following text on the label: oryza sativa (rice) starch. Rice starch is a natural ingredient that is often recommended for cleansing the skin of infants and young children.
Their delicate skin doesn’t need harsh cleansers. Simply add a little rice starch to your bath water to relieve irritation, redness and itching.

Rice Starch Beauty

Rice starch has a very nice consistency, almost like dusting powder. This property makes it very useful, somewhat like cornstarch, in the preparation of face masks and other skin care and beauty products.
Mask or Refining Scrub
Basic uses of rice starch in skin care include simply preparing a creamy mixture of rice starch and water:

Pour 2 tablespoons of rice starch into a small bowl and add 1 or 2 teaspoons of water.
Mix until a mixture of uniform consistency is obtained. Add a little more water if necessary.

The compound can be used as both a face mask and a gentle scrub for the skin if you make it more grainy.
Apply the Rice Starch Mask to the face in slow circular motions. Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes or in any case until it dries, then rinse your face with lukewarm water.
mosquito bites and redness
A simple compound consisting of rice starch and water can be used to rub on the skin to prevent redness from insect bites or shaving. Even adults with delicate skin, like children, can add rice starch to the water in their bath or foot bath to benefit from its soothing properties. Your skin will be very supple thanks to the rice starch.
cleasing milk
Try using a mixture of rice starch and water (or possibly rice milk) as a natural cleanser for your face, applied with a sponge or cotton ball.
dry shampoo
As far as hair care is concerned, rice starch is first used as a dry shampoo, and a small amount is applied to the hair roots, left for a few minutes, and then removed with a soft brush.

Where can I buy rice starch?

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