Notice on the resumption of normal office of Deli Foods Co., Ltd.

Notice on the resumption of normal office of Deli Foods Co., Ltd.

On April 17, a positive case of COVID-19 occurred in Wuhu, the city where our company is located. In view of the risk that the omicron variant strain is more contagious, more stealth-like and spreads faster, our city decided to implement static management in the main urban area.

Through static management, with the support and cooperation of the people of the city, we fought the epidemic with one mind and worked together to overcome difficulties, and the epidemic was effectively controlled. From April 17 to 22, a total of 34 asymptomatic infected persons were confirmed in The city. Six rounds of nucleic acid tests were carried out in the main urban area, and the test results were all negative. After joint research and judgment by provincial and municipal experts, the overall situation of the epidemic is stable and controllable. On April 23, static management was lifted in all areas except containment and control areas, and normal epidemic prevention and control was carried out.

This is to inform you that Deli Foods Company has completely resumed its normal office mode on April 24.

Over the past week, our cities and our people have won the battle of annihilation. In the past week, our company and factory have overcome all kinds of difficulties and still insist on online office and offline production, and continue to serve our customers at home and abroad.

Though because we have to obey the rules of the epidemic prevention of the city at the same time also maintain work and production will face many difficulties, such as material, staff accommodation, security, etc., but our company has made various measures in advance, such as increased inventory, arranged for staff leave factory unattended, increased the epidemic prevention equipment, strengthened the network deployment of online office. Although production in the process of fighting the epidemic increased personnel costs and transportation costs, we managed to maintain normal communication with customers, complete the normal production of orders, and minimize the delivery delay.

Finally, to understand and support our new and old customers say thank you! Wish you the same good health, the cause of success!

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