New Trade Festival Live Broadcast is Coming in March

New Trade Festival Live Broadcast is Coming in March

March New Trade Festival live broadcast is about to start.

February has come to an end, and we have ushered in the spring of March. In March, everything starts anew.

Haven’t interacted with our lovely anchor for a long time? Don’t worry, In March, we will be broadcasting live on the Alibaba International Station platform. Will show you Deli Foods’ new products and new looks.

At that time, we will broadcast live to you in our factory and bee farms. Our live broadcast schedule is as follows:


Live timeLive Title
14-16 P.M,Marth 2th,2022Looking for pure honey
16-18 P.M,Marth 2th,2022Pure Natural Sidr Honey
14-16 P.M,Marth 3th,2022How to choose honey
16-18 P.M,Marth 3th,2022The origin of honey
14-16 P.M,Marth 7th,2022Pure Royal Jelly Powder.
16-18 P.M,Marth 7th,2022Acacia honey and polyfloral honey
14-16 P.M,Marth 9th,2022Pure Raw Propolis.
16-18 P.M,Marth 9th,2022Honey is good for health
14-16 P.M,Marth 21th,2022Are you looking for raw honey?
16-18 P.M,Marth 21th,2022Linden honey ? White honey?
14-16 P.M,Marth 23th,2022Wuhu Deli Foods – honey supplier
16-18 P.M,Marth 23th,2022Natural Sweet Honey Bee Farm and Factory

You can enter the live page through the homepage of our Alibaba International Station, the homepage link: You can also search our name at the front desk: Wuhu Deli Foods Co., Ltd.

We look forward to interacting with you, please watch it on time!

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