Natural supplements–Bee pollen


Bee pollen comes from nature,it is the bees brought back when the pollen cluster,and it is the result of storage and fermentation in the honeycomb.


Bee pollen is the main diet composition, protein, amino acid, vitamin, trace elements, active enzyme, flavonoids, lipids, nucleic acids, canola, phytic acid, etc. The amino acid content and proportion is the most close to the United Nations food and agriculture organization (FAO) recommended mode of amino acids, it is extremely rare in the natural food.Bee pollen contains protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and other active substances,it is a kind of high protein low fat nutrition health has a unique natural health care and medical and beauty value,and bee pollen is recognized by more and more people now.


The different plant species or collection season, all kinds of bee pollen, bee pollen have different color, different varieties of powder source plants, produce colorful pollen . Bee Pollen was tennis and irregular, pollen size more than 10-60 microns.Bee pollen is a kind of natural nutritional health products, without the processing can be directly edible, this will prevent certain nutrients artificial damage in the machining process.Fresh bee pollen has special spicy smell, but also tastes vary, some slightly sweet taste, slightly bitter.


The effect of bee pollen: it can enhance the body’s comprehensive immune function, regulate gastrointestinal system function, promote digestion, anti-aging, improve sexual function, beauty effect, promote sleep and treat habitual constipation etc. Bee pollen also obvious anti-cancer and liver cancer, prevent anemia, diabetes, anti-fatigue and other functions.


Bee pollen is known as “the almighty nutrition food” “concentrated natural drug storeroom” internal and cosmetics, etc., are gems of human natural food.

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