Is Rice Protein Your Choice?

Is Rice Protein Your Choice?

“Rice protein” made from rice has begun to attract attention.

Plant-based proteins such as hemp, pea, and soy are sold as plant-based proteins, and even vegetarians can drink them. Among them, rice has a familiar taste and balanced nutrition.

On this page, we’ll explain what rice protein does, its advantages and disadvantages, and introduce rice protein that you can buy online right now.


What is Rice Protein?

Rice protein is a vegetable protein made by crushing rice and extracting the protein.

The current mainstream whey protein and casein are extracted from milk, so vegetarians cannot drink it. However, vegetarians have a large demand for protein. In recent years, many plant proteins have appeared, such as rice protein.

Pros and Cons of Rice Protein

Eaters and those who are lactose intolerant can benefit from it

Rice protein is a protein that even vegetarians can drink. It is also recommended for those who are lactose intolerant.

Lactose intolerance is a condition that can cause gas and diarrhea when drinking milk. It is thought to be more common among Asians. In addition, even if it does not hurt the stomach, some people’s physique will cause stomach bloating because milk protein is difficult to digest.

That’s why rice protein is recommended for people who don’t like whey protein and other milk proteins, and for people who are looking for a plant-based protein other than soy protein.

Cons: Small selection of flavors

Rice protein itself has no particular downsides, but as a product it does have some downsides compared to mainstream whey proteins.

First of all, there are not many products, because it is still a new protein. So unlike the latest whey protein, you can’t choose more flavors, and the taste is relatively poor compared to whey protein.

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