How to get our face to take nutrients from honey?

How to get our face to take nutrients from honey?

Honey Mask is a mask made of honey as its main ingredient. Honey has a strong moisturizing ability, can absorb the moisture in the air, can better prevent evaporation of water evaporation on the surface of the epidermis; Honey’s nutrients are natural nutrients.

Its bioactive substances such as monosaccharides, vitamins, and enzymes are beneficial to absorption by skin cells and can effectively improve the nutritional status of the skin surface; honey contains a variety of acids, which have a strong bactericidal effect, and its Moisturizing, nutrition and other effects can effectively remove or reduce facial blemishes, acne, help eliminate dark spots and other facial spots. The honey mask made of honey as the main material is the use of honey for external application of the cosmetic effect, commonly used to moisturize, whiten or remove the facial skin.

The first step is to put honey.

Put 2 tablespoons of honey in a small bowl.

The second step, put the egg clear.

Remove the egg white from one egg and stir well in other containers until a white foam is created.

Then put the processed egg white into a honey bowl.

The third step, stirring.

Mix the honey and the beaten egg white still and stir together.

It’s best to stir in one direction.

The fourth step is feature deployment.

After mixing honey and egg white, add different ingredients according to your preferences.

For more moisturizing and whitening, add 2 tablespoons of fresh milk.

To add more vitamins, add a few drops of lemon juice more refreshingly.

Then continue stirring evenly.

In the fifth step, add pearl powder.

Add some pearl powder. Pearl powder is easily dissolved in previously adjusted liquids.

Therefore, the dosage does not need to be too much, and it is advisable to adjust it to a viscous state.

This honey mask is made. You can use it immediately to moisturize your cheeks.

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