How to eat protein powder best?

How to eat protein powder best?
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Protein powder has become a very popular dietary supplement nowadays. But what effect does protein powder have, which people are suitable for eating protein powder, in fact, there are still a lot of people are not particularly understand, so it is not easy to start with protein powder. The so-called protein powder is generally made of purified soybean protein, casein, whey protein, pea protein or a combination of the above proteins (such as soybean protein, whey protein and pea protein compound protein). Here’s a look at the role and effect of protein powder with editor, how to eat the best effect of protein powder!

The role and efficacy of protein powder


1).Add protein

Protein powder is the protein source with the most abundant amino acids and the best performance. Intake of high quality protein powder can directly supplement the protein required by the human body and improve the body’s ability.

2). Promote metabolism

Protein powders provide a variety of amino acids that help the body make new tissues. Repair cells and build tissues, constitute all cells and tissues in the body, maintain the normal function and metabolism of cells.

3).Supplement nutrition

Whether it is the brain, the internal organs, the muscles, the bones, or the blood, they are made of protein, and they are metabolized and renewed every day. Protein powder is the best source of protein, which can provide basic raw materials for the formation of human tissue cells.


Catechu powder ammonia in protein powder can improve nerve conduction speed, enhance memory, especially for students who want to take exams.

5).Promote development

Children lack of protein will lead to blocked growth, short stature, weakened resistance, emaciation, abdominal distension and edema, look sluggish, take the right amount of protein powder can supplement protein, make the normal growth.


How does protein powder eat effect best


In the morning to eat

After a night’s rest, people’s body consumption basically recovers in the morning. Since they haven’t eaten for a long time, they need to replenish energy at this time.

Therefore, at this time, the digestion and absorption capacity of the stomach and other digestive system is the strongest, and the protein absorbed at this time does not need to be used to recover the body, will accumulate to the body, it is recommended to eat protein powder in the morning.

Don’t eat on an empty stomach

When the body is empty, the food intake is first used to meet the body’s energy needs, and then used for repair and accumulation. Consequently, do not eat protein powder on an empty stomach, can be digested as energy material by human body otherwise, waste protein.

Had better be meal hind half an hour edible again, after general morning 30 minutes edible can. If you are in a hurry to work and have no time to wait, you can eat other food before eating protein powder.

If you are an athlete or a regular fitness person, you will consume muscle protein after exercise. You can eat protein powder after half an hour of exercise.

Vegetarians can take supplements at every meal

For vegetarians and dieters, protein powder can be added at every meal. Vegetarians and dieters often suffer from insufficient protein, so it is recommended to supplement their diet with protein supplements at every meal. After the meal or half an hour after the meal edible protein powder can.

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