Honey Syrup For Cocktails


As its name suggests, the honey syrup is made from 30% pure honey and 70% fructose syrup. Its taste, smell and nutrition are very similar to natural pure honey. It is usually used directly for cakes, bread, coffee, ice cream, candy or other Western-style meals. The most important thing is that honey syrup has no fat and no cholesterol.

Cocktail is a mixed drink. It consists of two or more types of wine and a new wine product that is carefully brewed with the proper fermented fruit wine and fresh fruit juice. Therefore, it has certain nutritional value and appreciation value. Cocktails have become the most common drink in social life, wine cellar receptions and private dinners in modern life.

Because the cocktails are based on several kinds of spirits, they have unique tastes and can be made into a variety of sweet, bitter and spicy flavors. Therefore, they are loved by wine lovers and are one of the best choices for summer drinks. However, because of its unique taste, it is not suitable for everyone, nor is it not drunk. If you add a bit of honey syrup at this time, it will make the cocktail rich in flavor, beautiful colors, sweet fruit, low alcohol content, and not only. It can also reduce the impact of its liquor on the human stomach, which is the effect of honey syrup on cocktails. So Honey Syrup has won the appreciation of the world’s most demanding bartenders and has become a DIY cocktail for family cocktails and West Point.

The key point is that Deli Foods Co., Ltd. is a factory that specializes in the production of honey syrup. Various new products are introduced every year. At present, we not only have honey syrup, but also seasoning syrup, rice syrup, glucose syrup and so on. Any kind of syrup you need can be found here.

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