Maltose syrup:Good or Bad?

Maltose syrupGood or Bad

Maltose syrup is a clear or brown liquid. Maltose syrup can be divided into three categories: sucrose, high maltose syrup, and ultra-high maltose syrup. It is based on the content of maltose and the degree of refining. It is divided into high maltose Syrup and ordinary maltose syrup by concentrating maltose. Modern industry uses high-quality corn starch as a raw material for liquefaction, saccharification, refining, and enzymatic concentration. A sugar having a maltose content between high maltose syrup and maltodextrin. It can be divided into common maltose Syrup, high maltose syrup and maltodextrin to provide the energy and carbohydrates the body needs. Maltose syrup has moderate sweetness, good crystallinity, oxidation resistance, medium viscosity, good chemical stability, low freezing point, etc., so it has been widely used in Confectionery, cold drink products, and dairy products.

What is the function of maltose syrup?

Maltose syrup provides the energy and carbon source your body needs and can be taken directly. The main raw material for preparing maltitol by preparing nutrients together with other nutrient factors is maltose. Maltitol does not cause blood sugar and blood lipids when ingested. It can alleviate The condition of diabetic patients and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases because the enzyme that breaks down maltose only accounts for a small part of the human body, so it does not cause changes in blood sugar in the human body. The maltose molecules in the blood reach The human cells and cannot participate in the action of insulin. After being hydrolyzed by each enzyme, they are directly involved in the tricarboxylic acid cycle, effectively providing energy to the body. High purity maltose can be used to produce intravenous maltose. At the time Of injection, the osmotic pressure is reduced by half, the fat metabolism is different, the protein consumption in the body is reduced, the Toxicity is relatively low, and the liver and kidney are harmless. In conclusion, the preparation of high-purity maltose is of great significance.

Where to buy malt syrup?

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