Deli Foods Introduces FLEXI TANK for Cost-Efficiency and Quality Assurance

Deli Foods Introduces FLEXI TANK for Cost-Efficiency and Quality Assurance

Deli Foods is delighted to announce the successful dispatch of 1 container of rice syrup in a FLEXI TANK to our esteemed customer in Australia today! These rice syrups will serve as vital raw materials for our customers’ food factories. Our global production and delivery capabilities underscore our unwavering dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

This shipment marks a departure from our usual routine. This time, our customer, a food factory, has opted for our bulk rice syrup packaged in a FLEXI TANK for shipping to Australia. Instead of the conventional 300KG iron drum or ton drum, the more advanced FLEXI TANK packaging offers substantial economic advantages, slashing transportation costs by over half.

The preference for Flexi tank is evident for several reasons:

  1. Cost-Effective Option: Flexitanks prove to be more economical compared to drums, IBCs, and ISO tank containers. The cost of transporting bulk liquid using flexitanks is 33% less than traditional containers.
  2. More Capacity: Flexitank containers boast 15% more payload capacity than IBCs, 44% more than drums, and 50% more than bottles. This makes them a cost-effective choice for shippers.
  3. Preserves Product Quality: Flexitanks maintain the quality of liquid meticulously. Comprising multiple layers of polyethylene, each equipped with a pump and a valve, they are airtight, waterproof, and weatherproof. Designed primarily for single use, they significantly reduce the risk of contamination.
  4. Faster Loading & Unloading: Flexitank storage containers eliminate the need for a forklift during loading or unloading, speeding up the process by up to 90%. This also reduces costs compared to drum usage, along with minimizing product loss.
  5. Requires Less Labor: Due to their ease of handling, loading, and unloading, flexitanks involve less labor, resulting in lower logistics expenses.

At Deli Foods, customer satisfaction remains our top priority. We are committed to providing comprehensive assistance to customers with diverse needs, fostering their development while saving costs. Our globally renowned OEM and ODM services drive us to ensure that our products meet the highest standards, from sourcing premium raw materials to meticulous production processes.

Our state-of-the-art production facilities and expert team enable us to cater to customers of all sizes. Our commitment to excellence distinguishes us in the market, positioning us as a premier supplier of premium honey and syrup products.

For top-tier honey products and exceptional customer service, look no further than Deli Foods. Whether you’re in Australia, the US, or anywhere else in the world, we deliver the finest natural sweeteners right to your door.

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