Honey factory work normally, Life is running as usual

Honey factory work normally, Life is running as usual

Although delayed because of 2019-ncov , today our honey factory Delee Foods Group Co.,Ltd started normal production already.
We take some measures to ensure the healthy and safe production. As you see we set a security check at the gate.All workers and visitors should wear the mask, HR staff take their temperature then make record accordingly, all staff should comply with the rules and regulations made by the company.
As you see, there is one special waste bin for the used mask, and also industrial alcohol for sterilizing, and most important is that we make one special emergency isolation room for some unusual person and items.
Now let we move inside to the workshop, the machine and workers are busying with honey packing .Today the item in line is 1kg plastic bottle with handle.
As you see, our production line is automatic, automatic washing ,drying and sterilizing bottles , then automatic filling, light-check , next step is capping and labeling , finally the workers pack them expertly and strongly.
As you see all workers are wearing the cap, glove, mask and labour suit according to the regulations. All production operation is bio-clean.
After finishing visit of factory , let’s go to the supermarket, you see the weather is very nice with sunshine , many persons also come here to shop.
In the entrance area the staff also take everyone’s temperature to ensure there is not any patient and also confirm the visitors are all wearing mask.
Inside the supermarket, we can see many different products: soy juice, cooking oil,different fish,sea food ,different vegetables, fruits and all other life items you can find here , The number of consumers is nearly same as before, they are choosing freely and pay in line , and the younger also can choose self-checkout by Ali Pay or Wechat, this is very popular in China now, only one mobile can handle everything, but the precondition is that your mobile has the battery.
After shopping , we are driving to the famous park by the Yezi river , the longest river in China. The traffic on the road is same as normal, as it is the working time. After 10 mintues, we reach the park, very clean park also very clean blue water , let’s enjoy the nice scene with sunshine here. Insha Allah.

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