Beeswax Encyclopedia

Beeswax Encyclopedia

You Might Want To Know About Beeswax!

Where Is The Beeswax Coming From?

Beeswax is a natural substance produced and secreted by bees. It is soft and brittle in the cold and flexible in the heat.

Beeswax, also known as yellow wax. Beeswax is a fatty substance secreted by four pairs of wax glands in the abdomen of workers of the age group. In the bee colony, worker bees use their own secreted wax to build nest spleen, ovary closure, and feed room cover. Nest spleen is a place for bees to store food, breed bees and inhabit agglomerates. Therefore, beeswax is both a product of bee colony and necessary material for survival and reproduction.


What Is the History Of Beeswax?

Two thousand years ago in China, beeswax was discovered and recorded in Shennong, one of the country’s most famous medical works. This record plays an important role in demonstrating the role of beeswax as a positive influence on circulation, energy levels and wound healing. It is reported to have an anti-aging effect.


What Are The Benefits And Uses Of Beeswax?

Maybe everyone doesn’t know or even know about beeswax, but this product appears in many places in our lives and serves you silently in places you don’t know.

  1. Do you know? Because beeswax does not clog pores, it can form a hydrated, long-lasting protective barrier that keeps your skin moisturized and moisturized, and it also has anti-aging benefits. Therefore, in many cosmetics, beeswax is The most important formula, maybe you still don’t know very well, then I will give you a few examples. The lip products we usually use, the moisturizer, the raw materials of the eye cosmetics can all come from beeswax!
  2. Do you know? Because beeswax is smokeless when burned, it burns for a long time, it emits a sweet smell of honey when it burns, and it can also eliminate airborne pollutants such as bacteria, dust, allergens and some unpleasant smells. Beeswax is also widely used in the production of candles and aromatherapy.
  3. Do you know? Because beeswax has the function of disinfecting and antibacterial, it can prevent harmful bacteria from entering the human body from damaged skin. Therefore, in medical treatment, beeswax is also used in the manufacture of medicines such as abrasions and burns.


Not only these, but beeswax can also do some home decoration artwork, crayons, hair care products, and even repair the split heel.


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